5 Mistakes New Users of Marijuana Conduct

It is not recommended to get high all the time. But if you already use licensed marijuana Canada, you should have proper knowledge about it. Here are few of the common marijuana mistakes that can turn you off and ruin your marijuana pleasure when you mail order marijuana –


Most people suffer anxiety due to overuse of marijuana and they consume too much faster. Ease and go slow. Take your time to observe how your body works. Having too much marijuana can cause panic attacks and improve anxiety. One worst experience can taint your feelings on cannabis.

Not Getting Enough or Getting Wrong Strains

There are many patients who try cannabis. When they don’t get the best results, they dismiss it. People react to various strains in different way. Try a different strain if first one doesn’t improve your condition.

Expecting Something Magical to Happen

When you order weed online, don’t expect anything miraculous. It is not a treatment for most conditions. Symptoms usually come back if you don’t get enough.

Not Preparing for Side Effects

In the beginning, users feel high. So, you should plan accordingly. Tolerance may develop and body adjusts with it quickly.

Not Storing Properly

Look up your weed and teach your family about it.